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I have a cube which has NamedSets like Last3months, Last1year,Last2years,Last2Months,etc.

I have implemented a new dimension to have the below calculations for all the measures of the CUBE - YTD, QTD, etc. To implement this I referred the below articles -

I have named my shell dimension TimeCalculations which has one member: "Calculations". The values in this dimension have YTD, QTD, etc.

I have a a report in which one table should have the last 3 months profits and losses of a company individually in a separate column. So it will have something like this:

        June 2012   July 2012   Aug 2012    YTD


Net Loss

To create the report, I created a dataset from the CUBE and applied Last3Months namedset filter. All is working fine, showing up all the correct results for individual months. But when I try to get YTD values it is failing.

As I need YTD to show in a separate column, I added the "Calculations" member to the same dataset and also added it to the filter which will filter out "YTD" calculation.

When I add "Calculations" to the result, then the data is getting repeated. Correct values which we got for the individual months gone wrong after adding "Calculations" to the dataset.

I know I am missing some important concept in this.

Could you anyone please help me on this?

More infomation on the query

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It would be helpful to have more information. I think I understand you up until you say "When I add Calculations to the result, then the data is getting repeated." Can you show (with fake numbers) an example of what data is getting repeated. Also, can you show the MDX expression you're using for YTD? – Stacia Sep 17 '12 at 22:41
Hi Stacia,Sorry for getting late on this. I am still struglling with this issue. I have attached a screenshot giving you more information. Could you please look into this and let me know your valuable suggestions. Many thanks. – john ging Sep 27 '12 at 17:07

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