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I have created a SP to return some customer data for one company. I am passing company id and the customer id in to the SP. There are two types of customer ids in the table I am querying. The two types are saved in different columns.

For an example say I have the following columns in my table.


Either of the customer IDs can be null in one row. The customer Id I am passing in to the SP could be a Type A customer or Type B customer. So in my WHERE clause I need to specify if the CustomerTypeAId is null then query the CustomerTypeBId.

@CusId int=0
WHERE (How to put this part?)
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You can use OR in your where clause since it can be any of the two columns.

WHERE  CustomerTypeAId = @id OR
       CustomerTypeBId = @id
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I think the following does what you want:

select *
from test
where CustomerTypeAid = @CustId or CustomerTypeBid = @CustId

NULL is often a problem in boolean statements; however, it works fine with OR.

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WHERE @CusId IN (CustomerTypeAId, CustomerTypeBId);

However, why are you storing these values in separate columns? Are you going to add yet another column when you introduce Type C? Instead, you should just have a type column and a CustomerID column. That way, when you don't care what type they are, you just match on the CustomerID column.

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Sounds like you need something like:

WHERE CustomerTypeAId = @id 
      OR (CustomerTypeAId IS NULL AND CustomerTypeBId = @id)
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