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Somehow when an iframe is created with document.write, the line number for window.onerror that is given is relative to the script tag the code lives in.

Consider these fiddles: fiddle1 fiddle2. They are basically identical, the first creates an iframe with code via document.write that sets the window.onerror and tries to call two functions that don't exist. The second does the exact same thing without an iframe.

If you view the console in the first fiddle in Chrome, you'll see that the error for the call to foo is listed as occurring at line 1, while the error for the call to bar is at line 6! This appears to be because foo is on the first line of the second script tag while bar is on the sixth line of the first script tag. The error number is relative to the script tag and not an absolute line in the code!

Howevever in the second fiddle which is the same code, just not in an iframe with document.write we get that the error for the call to foo happens after the error to the call to bar as one would expect. The line numbers are a bit higher than one would expect, probably because jsfiddle is injecting some code.

In Firefox this doesn't happen and we get the expected behavior. Is there any way to work around this? I really need access to the absolute line number of the error in Chrome. If there is no work around is there any way to detect which script tag the error originated from so that I could then try and keep a list of the line numbers of my script tags and add the appropriate as a correction. Note that the script tag would not have an src? It would just inline Javascript.

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The HTML frame on jsfiddle is the content of a <body> tag in an <iframe> that the jsfiddle code supplies - you don't need an '<html>' tag etc; just body content. –  Pointy Sep 14 '12 at 14:00
Thats true, I just pasted in code I was testing with on my server. The problem I'm describing is independent of that though and occurs outside jsfiddle. I think the fiddles still execute as they should and reflect the nature of the problem. –  asutherland Sep 14 '12 at 14:07

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