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Is there a method of aligning tick labels?

I have a figure that has two y axes where the values vary greatly. I would like to align the tick labels so that each value shown on one y label matches up with a value on the opposite ylabel. For example:

data1 = 1+ (12-1).*rand(365,1);
data2 = 1 + (700-1).*rand(365,1);
time = 1:365;
ax1 = axes('position',[0.05 0.5 0.22 0.37]);
ylabel('label 1');
hold on;
ylabel(ax2,'label 2');

Here I would like the second y axis to have the same number of ticks as the first y axis as well as the same spacing between them. How can I achieve this?

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Use plotyy instead of plot, it handles this for you:

plotyy(time, data1, time, data2);
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You can set the y axis limits and tick locations explicitly:

ylim(ax1,[lowerBound upperBound])
set(ax1,'ytick',[tick1 tick2 tick3 tick4])

This can let you fine tune the tick locations for a particular plot. It makes zooming and panning less functional, since the ticks are often left behind.

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