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I'd like to conditionally change the label of a resource in ActiveAdmin based on the user role. I'd like to keep the default pluralization of the name for admins, but for regular users, I need to change the name.

I.e. I have a resource Users, which I would like to change to My Account for the regular user (since they won't see #index).

I'm trying something like

ActiveAdmin.register User do
  menu :if => proc {if !current_user.admin? 
    menu :label => "My Account"
    menu :label => "I hate Users"

Anyone know how to conditionally name the resource?


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This works:

menu :label => proc { true ? "I Hate Users" : "My Account" }

But then to access the


or the


object from within the proc won't work. I haven't found a way to get the logged in user object from within the ActiveAdmin::MenuBuilder scope. There are suggestions, see e.g. where you set a variable in


after succesfull login. I guess you will have to hook in to the post-authentication work of devise. Good luck.

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