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I have a web app that opens certain projects based upon a projectID

So ID 12345 = project foobar

However I would like to provide a different site that doesnt require the projectid, and is easier to remember for the end user.

So if a user visits (note this is a different site, though I suppose we could put this in the same site if easier)

They would automatically get redirected to

Obviously I would want a system where I could have more entries than just foobar

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if you don't want to use the rewrite module mentioned above you could always do it yourself by implementing a custom 404 handler and key off aspxerrorpath or perhaps putting the code in a custom httpHandler.

We actually do this with in one of our applications. We use a cms system to specify all of the redirects so nothing is really hard coded and marketers and SEO teams can handle it without our help.

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in my opinion you should use ashx to handle web request. here is very simple and beautiful example of what you are looking for :-

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