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I have used DataGridview, which is supposed to be populated manually (No data sources specified). I want to get its content of first row(index-0). But it gives me null cell values.


DataTable dt = new DataTable();
DataRow dr;

dt.Columns.Add("Unit Price");

dr = dt.NewRow();

dr[0] = dataGridViewA_General.Rows[0].Cells[1].Value; //these values are null
dr[1] = dataGridViewA_General.Rows[0].Cells[2].Value; //these values are null
dr[2] = dataGridViewA_General.Rows[0].Cells[3].Value; //these values are null
dr[3] = dataGridViewA_General.Rows[0].Cells[4].Value; //these values are null


Thanks in advance


// dataGridViewA_General

this.dataGridViewA_General.ColumnHeadersHeightSizeMode =         System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumnHeadersHeightSizeMode.AutoSize;
this.dataGridViewA_General.Columns.AddRange(new System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewColumn[] {

// Column_A_description

this.Column_A_description.AutoSizeMode =  System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewAutoSizeColumnMode.Fill;
this.Column_A_description.HeaderText = "Description";
this.Column_A_description.Name = "Column_A_description";

// Instantiate
private System.Windows.Forms.DataGridView dataGridViewA_General;
private System.Windows.Forms.DataGridViewTextBoxColumn Column_A_description;

(rest of the columns are also defined in the sameway.)

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Can you please post your gridview declaration on your aspx page? – MaxDataSol Sep 14 '12 at 15:14
@MaxDataSol I have updated the question. Please have a look. – Thushara Sampath Sep 14 '12 at 15:58
Sorry, didn't realise it was winforms – MaxDataSol Sep 14 '12 at 16:48

You must add the row to the DataTable.


NewRow(); simply creates a blank row, you must add it manually.

Also, as you didn't put anything in the row itself, nothing will be returned.

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I have done it in my code already. Actually matter is it does not fills those DataRows but gives null values. Thanks for the reply – Thushara Sampath Sep 14 '12 at 14:31
this code get executed only after adding values into the datagridview-manually in GUI. Thus rows can't be null but they are null :( – Thushara Sampath Sep 14 '12 at 14:42

I had done done a logical mistake and code had not been executed in expected manner after filling data. Actually the above code is correct. Thank you all for your valuable contribution.

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