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I wrote a job that generates pdf files with salesQuotation report, the files are created in a network directory . This job works fine.

Then, I wrote a class that do the same as the job but in a runBaseBatch class.

It doesn't work and I have the following error message in batch job form registry button:

The use of printer is prohibited on this server

If the server is the AOS, I have working printers on it, the created files are written on another Server that has working printers

I used reportRun class and printJobSettings() method, it works in job not in batch job.

Edit: thanks for answers, my config is now ok but I have the following problem: my runbasebatch class works only if the checkbox batch is not checked in the configuration runbaseBatch dialog, i can't schedule my batch, if I check batch, I have no error but my files are not generated. any ideas?

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Not generated, most likely security related. Try to debug:… – Jan B. Kjeldsen Sep 18 '12 at 6:20
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You need to make sure that the "Allow clients to connect to printers on this server" checkbox in Server configuration utility has been ticked, and AOS restarted.

I read somewhere that due to some bug the correcponding value in the registry should be tweaked, but I'd suggest checking if ticking the checkbox works first.

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Read on how to Enable printing from a computer running Application Object Server.

Complement with this blog entry in AX Q&A.

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