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Ok, this is a bit tricky. I'm implementing a forum in ASP.NET MVC 3. The user wants to post a question, if not logged he gets redirected to the logon page. A returnUrl parameter is passed to the logon page. However, the returnUrl parameter also contains another returnUrl parameter. So the returnUrl parameter passed to the logon page looks like this:


But, Request["returnUrl"] looks like this:


Notice the appended bit at the end, that shouldn't be there should it? How do I get the proper returnUrl?

However, when having a string returnUrl argument in the controller's action method, this will have the correct returnUrl value.

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I had this problem in MVC3 also, check if the redirecting page is "Login", set a flag, not to add the returnUrl parameter (which is the last appended bit at the end).

This way it does not get populated again.

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In this case I ended up using a string returnUrl argument in the controller action, because it works correctly even with the nested parameter. I am just curious how to get the same result from the Request. Obviously asp.net mvc knows how to do it, otherwise the action argument wouldn't be correctly set, but until now I haven't found out how. Also I don't understand why the results are different with the 2 different way of getting query parameters. –  Wout Sep 14 '12 at 15:18

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