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I would like to remove the first letter and replace the second one by its lowercase

Example : a = 'iSvalid' to a = 'svalid'

I've tried strrep( a,'i','') which gives 'Svalid' but I would like also to convert the first capital letter to lower case.

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>> a = 'iSvalid';
>> b = strcat(lower(a(2)), a(3:end))

b =


You can also use brackets:

>> b = [lower(a(2)) a(3:end)]

b =

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For a general solution, which will e.g. work on cell arrays of strings, or on multiple words in the same string, there is regexprep:

a = 'iSvalid';
%# discard first letter of word, replace second by lower-case version
b = regexprep(a,'\<\w(\w)','${lower($1)}')

b =
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Here is my version os @petrichor's answer. I've separated each function to make the code more readable.

a = 'isValid';

b = a(2:end);
b(1) = lower(b(1));
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