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I have a stored procedure that can NOT be modified, the result of this stored procedure is normal select statement as following :


my problem is that I need to get its result as XML result like how the select statement returns when you provide "FOR XML" but without modifying the procedure itself, maybe we can create another stored procedure to call that or user defined function.

This is an example of the procedure that we CAN NOT modify because it is locked.

how to get its result as XML result NOT XML FILE...I don't want any physical file on hard disk.


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Solution 1)

  1. Create a temp table matching the output definition of stored procedure.
  2. Use INSERT INTO #Tmp EXEC SPName to insert the stored procedure results into the temp table.
  3. Use FOR XML in combination with SELECT command to fetch the results as xml from temp table.

Solution 2)

Create a CLR User-Defined function to execute the stored procedure and use the BCL facilities to convert the results to xml.

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I have more than one procedure and the definition of the stored procedure is not static so i can not make sure that i can follow the temp table solution because every time i call the procedure it gives me different definition...also i can not use CLR –  user1512094 Sep 15 '12 at 10:53

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