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I can't seem to see it in the Docs description, but does anyone know if the above method takes into account the ellipsoid shape of Earth or is it based on a spherical shape?

I assume it does, I just need to know for sure!

Thanks in advance.

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Proabably a spherical modell. Th ellispoidal model in vicenties formual needs much more calculation power. –  AlexWien Mar 13 at 19:38

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Did you read the reference?

This method measures the distance between the two locations by tracing a line between them that follows the curvature of the Earth. The resulting arc is a smooth curve and does not take into account specific altitude changes between the two locations.

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Apologies, misread the docs haha! Thanks anyway :) –  Adam Carter Sep 14 '12 at 15:29
This does in no way answer the question of the OP. The question was whether an elipsoid or an spherical model of the earth is used. It was not questioned whether altitude changes of the geoid model are considered. Which never is the case in any formual I know. –  AlexWien Mar 13 at 14:59

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