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Does the difference below affect SEO ranking of the website? If so, which is the preferable way?

1) URL pattern like: www.website.com/about-us

2) URL pattern like: www.website.com/about-us.html (.aspx, .jps, or whatever)

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/about-us/ is cleaner. It's also easier to read /product/1234 than /product.php?id=1234. As for SEO, I don't really know, but I can't imagine the folder-like structure being worse. –  Blender Sep 14 '12 at 15:28
folder link is less effective for page rank distribution across domain –  Userpassword Sep 16 '12 at 18:22
For SEO, not a lick o' difference. It does produce a difference if you are going to have sub-pages to the about-us "section" however. You should always make things easy for end-users, and to have for instance contact.html, find-us.html etc under /about-us/ makes more sense. Also, it will tell google that "find-us.html" is a decendant of the "About Us" page. Just imagine a company with 40 products all listed straight in the root. Nothing to say that one page is a product page and one isn't... –  Patrik Alienus Sep 17 '12 at 13:09

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No difference at all for SEO, but you should not use a trailing slash when creating content pages (regarding Blender's comment). Trailing slash is good for listing (navigation) pages.

This is a very small optimization though.

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shorter URL easier for the user to remember also.

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