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I'm developing a mobile website for iPhone, Android, etc. using jQuery Mobile. I'd like to be able to test this in my desktop browser and was wondering what the best approach is. I guess I could use a plugin to change the User-Agent header to the appropriate value and manually resize the browser to the device's width, but is there a simpler/more reliable way?


Sorry, I should have mentioned that the only hardware available is a Windows laptop

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Well if you have a Mac and xCode is installed you can use the Simulator. Open Mobile Safari and point to you web page on all Apple devices

You can also use the Android Emulator ( But I've not tested that it can access the web from the browser )

Alternatively you could use a plugin ( as you have suggested ).

I personally use Chrome with this plugin:

with pretty good results.

I've used Device Anywhere before

you access the device through a web portal/site and control it, but this costs $$$

Actual device testing in going to be the most reliable


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Chrome comes with a UA changer and Device Metric "matcher." In Chrome, open the dev tools (F12) and then click the Preferences icon (a gear at the bottom right), then click on the "User Agent" tab and choose "Override User Agent" and "Override Device Metrics" (by default when you change the UA to something mobile, Chrome should automatically setup the device metrics for that device). I know this is available since Chrome 21 and it may have been offered sooner. –  Jasper Sep 14 '12 at 16:49
@Jasper Thanks! that's a gem I'm going to have to start using –  Phill Pafford Sep 14 '12 at 17:35
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There's also PerfectoMobile for testing on devices remotely...though it can be painfully slow. I'd really recommend at least getting some 'base' testing devices, if possible.

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Manymo should work very well simulating Android for you. It shows me exactly what my cell phone shows, even though my desktop browsers don't. Manymo is a website with a lot of Android phones pictured. Just click one and enter your URL. There are options such as Android versions and screen sizes.

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