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I have a custom lookup, which I am populating using the addCustomView() function and FetchXML. In the lookup dialog that opens, I have removed the View selector and Search fields, using some unsupported JScript customization so that users cannot change the view or search for records. This is as follows:


I also need to disable/remove the 'Show only my records' checkbox in the dialog, as an alert stating 'List has not finished loading. Try your request again' is thrown every time it is clicked. I've read that this issue has been solved in the Rollup 10. But can anyone suggest some other tweak that can help me solve this?

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I can't help with the "Show only my records" question, sorry, but you don't need unsupported JavaScript for the view picker & search box: Just change them in the form customisation tool for that field: Un-tick "Display Search Box in lookup dialog" and set the "View Selector" drop-down to "Off". –  rossp Sep 17 '12 at 5:33
@rossp, I had already tried what you suggested before going for the unsupported JScript. On setting the "View Selector" to off, my lookup will always have the default view tied to it, and not the filtered view I'm attaching to it using the addCustomView() function. –  DipraG Sep 18 '12 at 5:26

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