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I am using ViewPager. I have 3 fragments (A,B,C) and two of them(A & C) are populating ListView from the server, so it will take a few seconds for that. And I am showing a ProgressDialog. B is the fragment which is set to show first and its is not having any background process, having a few buttons only.

So the problem is that the ProgressDialog will always show upon creating that activity,that is all the Fragments are loaded always.

So I wonder if I can load the specific Fragment only (A or C) when I open it (Slide) so that the user who want to use the Icon menu (B fragment) should not need to wait for the other fragments (A & C) to load. I am not sure whether its possible or not. Can anyone suggest me any code snippets or references to achieve it. Any help regarding this will be really appreciated.

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Nevermind, I had done it easily with AsyncTask and the Fragments are updated in background

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