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I'm new to Qt and Pyside, and confused with lots of dazzling concepts and tools.

Instead of using IDE provided, I prefer to vim.

So I wonder what the generic guideline is. That is to say, what're the QML, Qt Creator, Qt Designer? Do I need to use all of them? And what's the normal workflow?

And at last, there're few tutorials about Qt in python, so can I invoke the Qt C++ docs for help (any big differences between C++ Qt programming and Python one)?

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I make GUIs in a text editor, right in the Python program. You don't have to use QML, Qt Creator. Just read the Jan Bodnar's PySide tutorial and then you'll be able to figure out the rest by yourself, by looking at PySide or C++ Qt documentation

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I wrote some PyQt based tutorials after leaving my last job, they can apply to PySide also and have some helpful tips in there too: http://bitesofcode.blogspot.com/

I agree you don't need QML or Qt Creator - but using the Qt Designer for building your interfaces would definitely be the way I would recommend going about it.

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Thank you~ Can you show me the very important concepts in QT? That would be great help. –  Determinant Sep 22 '12 at 2:30

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