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if i got a route in ember.js which has a dynamic segment called ":albumid", how do i access this from within the view?

    route: "/:albumid"

The Parameter is set like this:

gotoAlbum = function(r,e) {
    router.transitionTo("album", {albumid: StuffThatReturnsTheAlbumid});
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You'll need to use the albumid param in the deserialize() method of your route to return a context object. This context will be passed into connectOutlets() for your route. Within connectOutlets() you can pass the context along to the controller and/or view.

In the example below, an AlbumController will be created in which its content property is set to be the context passed into connectOutlets(). An AlbumView will also be created, which will have access to the controller's content:

  route: "/:albumid",

  serialize: function(router, context){
    return {albumid: context.get('albumid')};

  deserialize: function(router, params){
    // return a context object that will be passed into connectOutlets()
    return App.store.find(App.Album, params.albumid);

  connectOutlets: function(router, context) {
    // context comes from deserialize(), and will be passed in as the
    // content property for AlbumController
    router.get('albumsController').connectOutlet('album', context);
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This is outdated. deserialize does not exist anymore. –  vanthome Dec 20 '13 at 22:23

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