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I have a IIS7 .NET 4.0 website running on a GoDaddy Dedicated Virtual server. The rig works flawlessly, and I've been very happy with it.

Recently I've created a new area of our customer website that our sales agent teams log into to enter and verify their sales. Currently approximately 70 agents per day, all coming from the same static IP. The sales portal is on the same .net app pool as the rest of the site, no problems.

The sales team is located in LA, Cali. They are using something called AerioConnect for their ISP. Running a shows they have approx 20mb up and down with good latency and jitter.

Earlier this week, they lost access to our site because of the GoDaddy DNS Server fiasco, but was able to get the sales team back on our site by using the site's primary IP address. After GoDaddy fixed the DNS issue, things have been fine; until now.

This morning, the sales team was not able to access the site by the domain name, nor the primary IP address. From their office:

  • Pings by domain or IP resulted in request timed out
  • Browser attempts by domain or IP resulted in 404's
  • Attempting by our secondary ip address worked intermittently
  • NSLOOKUP resulted in not found messages

On the web server:

  • there are no ip restrictions in IIS for the site
  • there are no rules I've created in Windows Firewall (most of Windows Firewall is disabled)
  • I've checked with GoDaddy for any possible external firewalls/network equipment, but they said it wouldn't cause this.
  • The Go Daddy rep initially had problems accessing the server (RDP) by it's primary IP address as well?? --IIS7 logs show the sales team office IP address making initial requests for the login page/Favicon, but then result in a 404:

    2012-09-14 16:19:28 XX.XX.XX.XXX GET /favicon.ico - 80 - YY.YY.YYY.YYY Mozilla/5.0+(Windows+NT+5.1)+AppleWebKit/537.1+(KHTML,+like+Gecko)+Chrome/21.0.1180.89+Safari/537.1 404 0 2 125 (*IP's removed)

Strangely enough, while I was on the support chat with GoDaddy, the continuous ping I had running at the sales office started getting responses. They are some what "bumpy": time avgs about 10-19ms, but getting random request timed out every 10-15 attempts (but same thing when continuously pinging google).

At this point everything seemed fine. Sales team office could access the site by domain name, primary ip, and secondary ip....

Then as I'm telling the sales office manager to get everyone selling, the domain name and primary ip are inaccessible again for about 15 mins, and then for seemingly no reason starts working again.

During these bouts of our site not working for the sales team, the sales team office computers can access other sites such as, google, etc without any issue.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I'm curious as to why just their location would have intermittent issues connecting to just our website at GoDaddy?

Thank you! -TK

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I recently discovered the issue. For some unknown reason that is quietly documented by godaddy, if you setup a VPN end point on your virtual server it can have adverse effects including some physical locations not being able to access your server via a domain name.

Initially I found this very annoying because of the need to securely and frequently interact with the server via VPN.

In the end we still use the VPN but only leave it open for short periods of time.

The part that remains a mystery is why having the VPN connected causes DNS for unrelated external networks to fail, and why it only happens intermittently.

Very odd.

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