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Is it possible to remove all the margins of <p:layoutUnit> on all the four sides in my below mentioned code?

            <p:layout style="max-width: 80%;height: 700px" fullPage="false">
            <p:layoutUnit position="north" size="100" style="border: 0px">
                <div align="right">
                    <p:selectOneMenu id="city">  
                        <f:selectItem itemLabel="Select City" itemValue="" />  />  
                <h:graphicImage alt="" value="/images/discountbox_logo.jpg" /> 

            <p:layoutUnit position="west" size="20%" style="border: 0px">
                <p:panel header="Categories">  
                    <p:menu style="border: 0px">
                            <p:menuitem value="Demo" url="" />
                            <p:separator />
                            <p:menuitem value="Documentation" url="" />
                            <p:separator />
                            <p:menuitem value="Forum" url="" />
                            <p:separator />
                            <p:menuitem value="Themes" url="" />

            <p:layoutUnit position="center" style="border: 0px">
                <p:panel header="Search">  
                <p:panel header="Search">  

            <p:layoutUnit position="south" size="100" style="border: 0px">
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put on your page this:

    <style type="text/css">
        .ui-layout, .ui-layout-doc, .ui-layout-unit, .ui-layout-wrap, .ui-layout-bd, .ui-layout-hd{
             border: none;
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There is a property in the p:layoutunit called gutter

<p:layoutUnit position="north" size="80" gutter="0"> 
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