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My simple form is not doing a POST. I've been looking at this and haven't been able to see what is wrong (I'm sure it's in my routes). Here's what I have:



    <%= form_for(@buyer) do |f| %>
            <%= f.text_field :phone %><br />
            <%= f.text_field :make %><br />
            <%= f.text_field :model %><br />
            <%= f.submit %>
          <% end %>


  def new
    @title = "Welcome to Car Finder"
    @buyer =

  def create
    @buyer =[:buyer])
      redirect_to success
      redirect_to :back


resources :buyers 

rake routes:

                    buyers GET    /buyers(.:format)                buyers#index
                           POST   /buyers(.:format)                buyers#create
                 new_buyer GET    /buyers/new(.:format)            buyers#new
                edit_buyer GET    /buyers/:id/edit(.:format)       buyers#edit
                     buyer GET    /buyers/:id(.:format)            buyers#show
                           PUT    /buyers/:id(.:format)            buyers#update
                           DELETE /buyers/:id(.:format)            buyers#destroy

When I submit the form, it stays on the same page, never going to the create action. Below is from the log

Started GET "/?..[params]..."
Processing by BuyersController#new as HTML

Thanks for any help you can give

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What does your create action look like in the Buyers Controller? Please share. – rhodee Sep 14 '12 at 17:17
what error you are getting on form submission? – maximus ツ Sep 14 '12 at 17:20
sorry, I updated the question. I don't get an error. It just adds the params to the URL and stays on the same page – user1524775 Sep 14 '12 at 17:22
I thought it could be the redirect_to :back in the else of the #create action, but I put a debugger above it and it never gets to that method – user1524775 Sep 14 '12 at 17:30
please post the generated html code in or I guess you missed some javascripts... – inntran Sep 14 '12 at 18:00

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It is probably wise to restart your server. You're issue may lie in validations you have at your persistence level or in your buyer.rb file. Add this to the _form.html.erb:

<% if @buyer.errors.any? %>
 <div id="error_explanation">
  <h2><%= pluralize(@buyer.errors.count, "error") %> prohibited this from being saved:   </h2>

  <% @buyer.errors.full_messages.each do |msg| %>
    <li><%= msg %></li>
  <% end %>
<% end %>

Try to complete the request again. See if any errors are being thrown. Fix those.

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