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I'm trying to write a unit test that needs to confirm if a method is called or not. I'm using JUnit, Mockito and PowerMock.

public class Invoice

  protected void createInvoice()
    // random stuff here

  protected void markInvoiceAsBilled(String code)
    // marked as billed

So, here my system under test is Invoice. I'm running this test:

  public class InvoiceTest
    public void testInvoiceMarkedAsBilled()
      Invoice sut = new Invoice();
      Invoice sutSpy = spy(sut);


      // I want to verify that markInvoiceAsBilled() was called

This example is just an example of what the actual code looks like....

My problem is that mockito says you can only verify if a method is called on a mocked object... but I don't want to mock this object, as it's my object under test. I know that you can spy on the object you're testing, so here's what I tried:


Is what I'm trying to do not possible? Or am I just going about it the wrong way?

Thanks everyone :)

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I'm not sure if what you are attempting to do is the best way to go about things.

I wouldn't concern myself with verifying that Invoice.createInvoice() calls an internal, private method markInvoiceAsBilled() - instead test that calling createInvoice() changes the state of the Invoice object in the way you expect - i.e., that status is now BILLED or something similar.

In other words - don't test what methods are called by createInvoice() - test that after calling this method, the state of the object is what you expect.

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