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I have created on image uploader as a desktop application. Now I want to port it to Android using Monodroid. Application uploads images to dropbox. In the desktop version I have used "dropnet" which references "sharpbox", "Json", etc. Is there any way I can use those i.e. dropnet, sharpbox, etc in my monodroid app?

It will take very long if I have to recode those libraries already available in .net .

thanks. Sujit

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DropNet already has a compilation for MonoTouch. So you should be able to create a MonoDroid compilation in the same way - Just create a MonoDroid class library project, add all the files as links and compile.

You could even submit it as a pull request to the DropNet project.

Edit: I've forked DropNet here, and created a MonoDroid compilation. Just clone this repository.

Disclamer: I just got it to build - it's up to you to address any issues you might come across.

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Thanks for the reply. How to add files as Links? I am very new to monodroid development (about a week). Below is the path from where I have added Dropnet.dll and RestSharp.MonoTouch.dll . Its giving error when I try to get AccountInfo. dkarzon-DropNet-5513999\dkarzon-DropNet-5513999\DropNet.MonoTouch\bin\Debug Thanks. – sujit Sep 15 '12 at 9:23
You will need the source files, not the compiled binaries. Clone the Git repository, create a new MonoDroid library project. From the Add menu, choose Existing Item. From here you can choose the source files and in the bottom right of the file browser, instead of Add, choose Add as Link. If you want to know which files to add, copy the MonoTouch project. – manadart Sep 16 '12 at 18:23
Also RestSharp already has a MonoDroid build. You'll want to use that instead of MonoTouch. – manadart Sep 16 '12 at 18:26

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