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Ok, so... I want to generate a file with all available keymap. I could do it for locales using LC_ALL but I don't know how could I do to do this with the keymaps automatically.

With this command I can get the proper keymap name (es.map.gz)

find /usr/share/kbd/keymaps -follow -name "*.gz" | sed 's|^.*/||g' | sort

but I wonder if there is any way to get that "es.map.gz" is for "Spanish"


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well the clue is in the file name, the es stands for spain, I don't have these files on my Linux but seen it on the net and admit some may not be as straight forward but in most cases country code. http://fonlow.com/zijianhuang/kpa/trancountry.html

You could also get script to gunzip file to tmp folder then run

strings es.map|head -100 |grep {for some pattern} 

you may find more clues when running strings on the map file as for what language country

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