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I'm trying to filter out elements in an Underscore template. For example I want only to return the elements that do not have a class name of "pin". Anyone know how I could do that either with underscore methods or jquery

var renderToHTML = function( data ) {
    var list = data.results[0].items;
    var tmpl = $( template({items : list}) );
    // var layout = tmpl.filter()

My template code looks like this.

<% _.each(items,function(item,i){ %> 
    <% var cls=( == 'feature') ? "pin" : 'item'; %>
    <div class="<%=cls%> <>" style="width:<%=item.width%>px">
        <div class="itemInner">
            <img src="<%= item.img %>" />
            <div class="title"><%= item.title %></div>
<% }); %>
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If you want to extract the <div>s without a class of pin from the generated HTML, then you'd probably want to use :not:

$('some_prefix_for_specificity :not(.pin)')

Or, given the logic inside your template, you might be able to look for .item instead:

$('some_prefix_for_specificity .item')

If you only want to include non-pins in the HTML that comes out of your template, then:

<% _.each(items, function(item, i) { %>
    <% if( != 'feature') { %>
        <div class="item <%= %>" style="width: <%= item.width %>px">
<% }); %>

Or perhaps use _.chain and _.filter:

<% _(items).chain().filter(function(item) { return != 'feature' }).each(function(item, i) { %>
    <div class="item <%= %>" style="width: <%= item.width %>px">
        <!-- ... -->
<% }); %>

If you want to do it at this level:

var tmpl = $(template({items : list}));

Then you'd want to use jQuery's filter instead of find:

var not_pins = tmpl.filter(':not(.pin)');

or, again, given the specific structure of your template:

var not_pins = tmpl.filter('.item');
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Thanks for all this. .find does not work on a template even when wrapped with jquery. I guess it has to be appended to the dom first for it to work. I tried using not on just the tmpl elements but it still returns elements that have a class called pin. var tmpl = $( template({items : list}) ); var temp = $(tmpl, ':not(pin)'); – Chapsterj Sep 14 '12 at 19:48
Also I want to do it outside the template and before I append the template to the DOM tree.So when it is at this stage. var tmpl = $( template({items : list}) ); – Chapsterj Sep 14 '12 at 19:51
@Chapsterj: Sounds like you want to use filter then, I've updated my answer to reflect your comment. – mu is too short Sep 14 '12 at 20:04
Thanks you so much for the help. – Chapsterj Sep 14 '12 at 21:10

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