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I just upgraded from 3.0.7 to 3.2.8 and a bunch of partials are not being displayed. However, they are being rendered (according to the logs), and no error message is given. Here's a (simplified) example:


  = yield :header
  = yield


- content_for :head do

- content_for :header do

= render(:partial => "home_content", :layout => "shared/layouts/content_columns")


    = yield :content_column
    = yield :sidebar


- content_for :content_column do
  = render_external("twitter")
  = render(:partial => "seo_content")

- content_for :sidebar do
  = render(:partial => "featured")
  = render(:partial => "testimonials")
  = render(:partial => "social")

All the content for :head and :header is displayed, while none of the :content_column or :sidebar content is. I figure something changed with rendering partials with layouts, but some quick searching didn't yield anything obvious.



Here's the rendering order from the logs (including debug statements I included in shared/layouts/_content_columns.html.haml):

Rendered home/_twitter.html.haml (1.4ms)
Rendered home/_seo_content.html.haml (0.9ms)
Rendered home/_featured.html.haml (2.2ms)
Rendered home/_testimonials.html.haml (2.1ms)
Rendered home/_social.html.haml (213.8ms)
DEBUG: String="Rendering shared/layouts/content_columns"
DEBUG: String="At '= yield :content_column'"
DEBUG: String="At '= yield :sidebar'"
Rendered home/_home_content.html.haml (256.9ms)
Rendered home/index.html.haml within layouts/application (300.6ms)

As you can see, the partials are being rendered before home_content and index, so their content should be grabbed by the = yield in layouts/application

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The answer is to change shared/layouts/_content_columns.html.haml:

    = content_for :content_column
    = content_for :sidebar

Thanks to this SO question: content_for vs yield in partials

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