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I have a scrollable dataTable with 100+ records when i add a new record (outside the default viewable area)and update the datatable the dataTable gets loaded from record 0, whereas i need datatable view at the previous position.

My dataTable code

    <p:dataTable id="DataTable" value="#{dtMB.selectDataModel}" var="test" scrollable="TRUE" scrollHeight="500" styleClass="day-column2" selectionMode="single" >
    <ui:insert name="TableInsert" >
            <ui:include src="test.xhtml" />

Command Button (inside a dialog) which updates the Datatable

        <p:commandButton id="saveNew"  value="Save" type="submit" process="@parent" onsuccess="addNew.hide()"  action="#{dtMB.addNew()}"   update=":FORM:usrMsg :FORM:TABView:DataTable"/>

currently i need to scroll back to the n'th record to see what was added or do any updates etc. Is there any option in primeface datatable, or i need to write a javascript for the same.

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I did the above using the following post

primeface datatable scrollbar position

datatable scroll

my code


function saveScrollPos() {
var scrollPos = jQuery('#receptionFORM\\:receptionTV\\:scheduleDataTable .ui-datatable-scrollable-body').prop('scrollTop');
document.getElementById('receptionFORM:scrollPos').value = scrollPos;

function autoScroll() {
var scrollPos = document.getElementById('receptionFORM:scrollPos').value;
jQuery('#receptionFORM\\:receptionTV\\:scheduleDataTable .ui-datatable-scrollable-body').animate({scrollTop:scrollPos}, scrollPos); 


<h:inputHidden id="scrollPos" />

In Ajax event of datatable row select


The below code in CommandButton while saving record

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helped me in fixing a bug. Always Thankful :) –  Saba Jun 27 '13 at 20:41

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