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Can the Default Date format returned by Jettison Library can be changed ?

This is the default Date format

{ "post": { "activityDate": "2012-07-03T16:15:29.111-04:00", "modfiedDate": "2012-07-03T16:15:29.111-04:00", "createdDate": "2012-07-03T16:15:29.111-04:00" } }

can that be changed ?

We can do this in Jakson using org.codehaus.jackson.map.JsonSerialize annotation.

How to do this in Jettison ?

Is there any similar class in Jettison ?


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This is can be done using XMLAdapters

public class DateAdapter extends XmlAdapter {

 * This method is called when we return the DTO Date property to UI, We
 * convert the date to UI  date format
public String marshal(Date inputDate) throws Exception {


    return dateStr;

 * This method is called when UI sends date String and we set the DTO Date
 * property
public Date unmarshal(String inputDateStr) throws Exception {
    return inputdate;


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