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Now that we can Examining sqlite3 Databases from a Remote Shell, is it possible to examine SharedPreferences from adb shell? Since it would be much more convenient to examine and manipulate SharedPreferences from command line when debugging.

Or put in another way, in what files SharedPreferences are saved, and how to view and modify these files?

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Fine, I found the file just after I raised the question above. (It seem asking questions publicly stimulate me to search answers by myself much more diligently, since I don't want my dear peers to view me as a lazy programmer.)

It is an XML file under /data/data/your.app.package.name/shared_prefs, and the file name is your.app.package.name_preferences.xml. It is really easy to modify the preferences when you figure out that the content is just a key-value map.

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How do I edit that XML file using adb? –  Fred Jan 23 at 0:06
As asked, how can you edit it?! VI and Nano editors are not installed. How do you edit it than??? –  susparsy Feb 10 at 13:41
adb pull <path>, edit on your device, adb push <file> <path> –  joecks Feb 21 at 10:40
echo "" >> file works in the shell –  dcow Sep 21 at 18:32

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