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apache config file: (Something done by someone else)

start of it
Keepalive off
Timeout 60
rest of config
finally followed by
Keepalive on
Timeout 300

From the type of results it would seem that it is using the bottom values from the configuration, just wanted to make sure this is the case

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Yes, when the same directive is used twice within the same scope, the last one is what is used.

Though note that some directives are lists, like IndexOptions or ServerAlias. So multiple instances of those just append to the list of options. While other directives are chains of rules, which is different than an on/off or specific name/value directive like ErrorDocument, KeepAlive, or Timeout.

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thanks for clearing that up – vahid Sep 14 '12 at 20:03

That should be the case should there not be any conditionals around those configurations (i.e. <if ...>).

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Generally yes, but sometimes no, Directory index for example is additive...

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