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I'm creating an XSD for common web service types that will be used in WSDLs. One of the common types I need is an enum.

My problem is when I execute wsimport the artifact generated is a class not an enum.

I'm using Eclipse Indigo's XSD and WSDL editor. This is what I do in design mode to create my enum:

  1. Create new Complex Type (ResponseCodeType)
  2. Add new string element (code) in ResponseCodeType
  3. In the constraints property of code, I add the following constraint values: SUCCESS, WARNING, ERROR, FATAL

What am I doing wrong?

XSD source

<complexType name="ResponseCodeType">
        <element name="code">
                <restriction base="string">
                    <enumeration value="SUCCESS"></enumeration>
                    <enumeration value="WARNING"></enumeration>
                    <enumeration value="ERROR"></enumeration>
                    <enumeration value="FATAL"></enumeration>

Java source for artifact produced by wsimport

@XmlType(name = "ResponseCodeType", propOrder = {
public class ResponseCodeType {

    @XmlElement(required = true)
    protected String code;

     * Gets the value of the code property.
     * @return
     *     possible object is
     *     {@link String }
    public String getCode() {
        return code;

     * Sets the value of the code property.
     * @param value
     *     allowed object is
     *     {@link String }
    public void setCode(String value) {
        this.code = value;

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I figured it out. When I tried designing my enum I created a complex type with an element having the constraints I needed (SUCCESS, INFO, WARN, ect).

What I did instead was to create a simple type with a string element having the constraints (ResponseCode). Then I created a complex type (ResponseCodeType) with an element of ResponseCode.

When I executed wsimport, it generated ResponseCode as an enum and ResponseCodeType class with a ResponseCode attribute.

If anyone has a better approch please comment or provide a better answer.

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