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I want to write some complex mathematical equation in my web page. Is there any plugin or anything for this?

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You mean like TeX results? – hjpotter92 Sep 14 '12 at 20:13
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Try mathjax . I personally find it very good.

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For complex equations, MathJax is the current practical solution. MathML is a more structural approach in principle, but browser support is rather limited and often of questionable quality.

However, complexity is relative. To some people, E = mc² or ∂/∂t + v ⋅ ∇ might be complex, and such constructs can be written fairly well using just HTML with some help from CSS; see my page Math in HTML (and CSS).

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You could try this. Kind of out of date so not sure how it'll work:

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If you don't want to implement any JavaScript in your HTML, you can use CodeCogs' equation editor tool (

It's really easy to use. All you do is use the button interface to write your equation and an HTML image link is immediately generated. When you run your HTML the image will be generated on CodeCogs' servers and implemented in your site. It's a very comfortable tool.

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