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Is it possible to create an onClick handler on same element but with two other calls?

I mean:

When I click the button then alert TRUE will appear, when I click it one more time, FALSE text alert should appear, but when I click it one more time, then it should behave the same as first time clicked, so it should show the alert saying TRUE , one more time.

Is that possible (if so - how) to do with jQuery?

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What you are describing is a classic toggle.

Your JavaScript would look like this:

var toggle = false;
        toggle = !toggle;

I've prepared a working JSFIDDLE example at this link: Example

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var flag = true;
$('#button').on('click', function() {
  if( flag ) {
  } else {
  flag = !flag;



Wrap all jQuery code within $(document).ready() function.

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You can try this approach

​$(function() {
    var i =0;
    $('#btn1').on('click' , function() {
        if( i%2 == 0){
           alert(' TRUE !!');
           alert(' FALSE !!');

Working FIDDLE

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Here's a way to do it with divs

<button id="clicker">Click Me</button>
<div id="true" style="display: none;">True!</div>
<div id="false" style="display: none;" class="firstTime">False!</div>​

Inside document ready:

    if ($("#false").hasClass("firstTime")){
    } else {


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Found this one:

}, function(){
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