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I would like to execute this type of query using QueryBuilder in my FakeRepository.php (it's for a search form where the user can check some boxes).

  if (sizeof($p['types']) > 0) {
               foreach ($p['types'] as $type_id) 
                    {'type.id=' .$type_id.' OR ' }

But I have an error with my syntax but I don't know how to fix it :

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FOREACH, expecting ')' in /MyBundle/Entity/FakeRepository.php 

Thanks a lot for your help

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You need to first construct your OR condition and then pass it to the query builder

   $first = true;
   $orQuery = '';
   foreach ($p['types'] as $type_id) 
       if ($first) {
           $first = false;
       } else {
           $orQuery .= ' OR ';

       $orQuery .= 'type.id=' .$type_id;
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Thank you so much! –  Reveclair Sep 14 '12 at 21:19

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