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If I were issuing an openquery select, my problems would be solved--but as far as i know openquery doesn't allow the calling lingo/w. parameter(s) to remote db2 servers! :)

Here's what works:

declare @z varchar(max);

set @z = '999990480,888887530';


This stored proc (EMP_ALL_STARS) accepts the concatenated string as a clob, then returns roughly 35 columns. Not all the applcations with an interest in utilizing this sproc need all 35 columns. Any advice on how to manage the result set?

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Do you have control over the remote DB2 procedure? If so, you could define multiple cursors inside the proc, each with a different set of columns in the result set. At runtime, when it's time for the proc to open a cursor that performs the query and returns the result set to the caller, a bit of logic can evaluate the relevant input parameters to determine which which cursor to open.

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Fred, thanks again. Great solution! Now if only I can get the developers to agree on which columns they really want!:-) – plditallo Sep 17 '12 at 15:51
Glad to help, and there's no need to keep calling us all "techies", as we're all painfully aware of that. – Fred Sobotka Sep 17 '12 at 17:13

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