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For statistics purposes I want to count how many requests are made on a single Http Connection (how many keep-alive requests are made on one open socket).

In node.js I have access to 'socket' in request and response object and I can dynamically add a field, for example 'requests' and increment it. I can also attach 'socket close' handler and then log 'request' field into syslog and get the 1 min average in Graphite.

Is this possible with vertx.io? I cant find socket field in HttpRequest and HttpResponse classes.

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There's no straightforward way to do this.

You might do a hack: HttpServerRequest is actually an instance of org.vertx.java.core.http.impl.DefaultHttpServerRequest that has private field ServerConnection conn. This field can be accessed via reflection, as described for example here: http://tutorials.jenkov.com/java-reflection/private-fields-and-methods.html. Request counting might be implemented by creating a map of connections to integers.

This hack is good enough for testing purposes, but I won't work on production because of memory leaks. It would be better to add this functionality into handleMessage method of ServerConnection class and expose it via JMX.

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