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As a beginner, I'm struggling with iCloud. There are some samples, but they are usually quite detailed (on the developer forum there is one for iCloud and CoreData which is massive). The apple docs are OK, but I still can't see the big picture. So please bear with me, some of these questions are quite fundamental, but possibly easy to answer.

Context: I have a very simple iCloud app running (full sample code below). There is only one UITextView shown to the user and his/her input is saved in a file called text.txt.

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Apps use the same technologies to manage files and directories in iCloud that they do for local files and directories. Files and directories in iCloud are still just files and directories. You can open them, create them, move them, copy them, read and write from them, delete them, or any of the other operations you might want to do. The only differences between local files and directories and iCloud files and directories is the URL you use to access them. Instead of URLs being relative to your app’s sandbox, URLs for iCloud files and directories are relative to the corresponding iCloud container directory.

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Thanks, that worked. –  John Tyler Sep 14 '12 at 21:40

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