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I'm coding an sliding effect with jquery.

In windows firefox, chrome and safari the animation works fine but I have been notified that the animation doesn't work in safari, chrome (webkit browsers) in OSX.

Animation consist on the animation of the width of a layer that contains other layers inside absolute positioned so as the container grows the content layers are revealed.

Here is a link to a demo. The animation happens on clicking the button: On the top there is a flash version of the animation and on bottom a jquery version of it.

I have no more ideas about what can be going on and now I have not OSX to do my own tests. I hate this crossbrowser OS dependant problems.

Anyone has an idea on what could be happening?

I have made a minor change so if someone test in OSX Safari or Chrome and it works it will be great for me to have that feedback.

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I don't know what your problem is. The animation works perfectly fine on my Chrome and Safari. –  TheAmateurProgrammer Sep 15 '12 at 1:54
Try to gather information about possible exceptions happening during the animation and bring it to your question. Also, if you can build a reduced proof of concept and show the relevant code, it will get you more answers. –  Alfabravo Oct 8 '12 at 19:58

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