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How would I write the following windows command in powershell?

start /b /min FeedDemon.exe

When I run that on the command line, it minimizes the window fine and works great in a startup script. But in powershell, I cannot get the same results when I try:

start-process -FilePath FeedDemon.exe -WindowStyle Minimized

I am still learning powershell (and Windows in general) so please be gentle.

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The /b argument to start indicates that the program should run without popping a new console window. The direct translation to powershell would be

Start-Process FeedDemon.exe -NoNewWindow -WindowStyle Minimized

If that doesn't work, just call it the old fashioned way, from Powershell

cmd.exe /c start /b /min FeedDemon.exe
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Thanks. I did not realize I could call cmd.exe like that in PowerShell. Very cool. thanks for the help! It's odd that I can't get the window minimization to work using powershell but I am sure there is a more advanced reason why that I'll stumble across some day. – Greg Sep 14 '12 at 23:16
Yep, all of the exe utils from cmd.exe still work in powershell, including cmd.exe itself :) Unfortunately, people don't realize this, or think often that it's "bad" to use legacy tools. I've seen so many questions along the lines of "I relied on tool XYZ for so long and it was so great. What is the powershell equivalent?" The same tool! Unless you need detailed output processing and would really benefit from the rich objects emitted by cmdlets. – latkin Sep 14 '12 at 23:31

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