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I am trying my first iphone app. I am stuck now. I have two label that display seperate random numbers. I used a button and IBAction to generate the numbers then pass them to the label. Now I need to determine when the two numbers match and then print "match" in another label. I am trying all kinds of different things but somehow I am missing something. If anyone can help explain how to do this form a code point of view and hooking it into interface builder that would be awesome! Thanks

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Posting some details about how you're doing this and what you've tried already may help... –  alesplin Sep 14 '12 at 22:14

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In the method where you get and show the random numbers you simply compare them and change the text in the third label accordingly.

- (IBAction)buttonPressed {
    // Generate the 2 random numbers and show them in the labels here.

    // Then compare them and show the result in the third label:
    if (randomNumber1 == randomNumber2) {
        thirdLabel.text = @"Match";
    } else {
        thirdLabel.text = @"No Match";
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Awesome! I had to rewrite the code I had because it was not efficient, and now I used your suggestion and it works! Thank you for the help! –  Herbie999 Sep 15 '12 at 7:16

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