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I have a dev branch. I made local changes, committed them git commit -m "blah" file and pushed these changes to my branch(ccap-biology-dev) git push origin ccap-biology-dev . These changes were committed another branch(ccap-biology) as well as some temp files that my .gitignore file handles. None of these temp files are on my branch. I would like to avoid this from happening again. However, I do not know what I did incorrectly or the best way to correct this.

Steps I've taken to attempt to isolate the problem:

1. git remote -v:
   origin   https://github.com/Connexions/oer.exports.git (fetch)
   origin   https://github.com/Connexions/oer.exports.git (push)</code>

2. git branch -avvv
   ccap-biology                           0105488 [origin/ccap-biology] Update css/ccap-numbering.less
 * ccap-biology-dev                       c674100 module2epub
   remotes/origin/HEAD                     -> origin/master
   remotes/origin/ccap-biology             0105488 Update css/ccap-numbering.less
   remotes/origin/ccap-biology-dev         c674100 module2epub
   remotes/origin/master                   fa3d5fa Added some styling to solutions

3. branch log file doesn't reflect a commit on ccap-biology
4. gitHub Activity Feed does not show this push either

This happen during commit c674100 module2epub. What are the next steps to take to find out what happened? What is the best way to cleanup the branch that I accidentally pushed to?

Any help appreciated. Thanks ahead of time.

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