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I am in the progress of writing an expose for my master thesis. One point in the expose is an overview of literature. To save my time and work I use bibtex to create that chapter. The thing I want to change now is that latex starts a new page for the bibliography which is an enormous overhead in a four page document.

The, I think, relevant parts from my document are:

\documentclass [ fontsize = 12pt,
                 paper = a4,
                 paper = portrait,
                 twoside = false,
                 twocolumn = false,


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I am using biblatex. This solved the problem:

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Worked for me. Thanks! –  Jonathan DeCarlo Feb 23 at 0:38

If you use the article class, there should be no page break before the bibliography.

Otherwise, this looks like it could help:


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Tanks for the quick answer, but I would prefer to use the KOMA classes and altering the document class to 'article' doesn't change the behaviour: The References section still starts on a new page. I didn't try the things mentioned in the link. The topic there is about page breaks inside of the bibliography not before. –  skorgon Aug 7 '09 at 8:20