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I have a Mongo ODM query used to search and one of the fields (Property Type) has a "All" value whereby the search should ignore the rest of the values.

$query = $dm->createQueryBuilder('SomeBundle:Listing')
     ->select('id', 'title','saleOrRent')

I can do exact text matches however when someone selects "All" on the propertyType how do I account for in the query above? I mean when someone selects "All" i want the query to totally ignore the "propertyType" field and bring back all values.

I know I am not being super clear but I am trying to be.

Any suggestions?

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Just do:

$qb = $dm->createQueryBuilder('SomeBundle:Listing')
     ->select('id', 'title','saleOrRent')

if ($propertyType != 'All') {

$query = $qb->getQuery();
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thank you sooooo much for helping me with this tip. I truly appreciate it. –  jini Sep 15 '12 at 7:31

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