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Hi I downloaded the latest boost library (.7z format) yesterday, after unzipping, I found there is no lib subdirectory here, so I cannot find any .lib files, is it the oversight of boost team?

The directory structure I have:


  • boost
  • doc
  • libs
  • more
  • status
  • tools
  • etc
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8() you have to build it! Did you read docs? –  Anycorn Sep 15 '12 at 2:08

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Most of boost's capabilities are in header only files inside the boost directory. Which means all you need to do is include the boost directory in your project and you're done.

For a few specific libraries you'll need to build your own lib via the instructions on Boost's site.

If you're using Eclipse with CDT (which is harder to configure) there are better instructions here.

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