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I would like to dynamically add a html to a server control and then I want to have access to each control from this html. If I use the inner html property of a control I can notice the html was added as a literalControl and I would like it to be a html control with some other html controls


//aspx file
<div id="content" runat="server"><div>

//aspx.cs file
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  content.AddControlsFromHtml("<input type='text' id='textBox' />")

//get the control
((HtmlInputText)content.FindControl("textBox")).Value = "hello"

Is this possible?

I need this behaviour to create different layouts for a page

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for creating dynamic html, put your code in page_init event..

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How To Dynamically Add Controls to a Web Page

In this video I will demonstrate a technique to dynamically add an indeterminate number of controls to your web page. Presented by Joe Stagner

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