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In ABC.exe.config (app.config)

    <appSettings file="MySettings.config">
        <add key="setting1" value="1" />

Here I use "file" attribute, not "configSource", because I want to define default values. How to save to external config file "MySettings.config"? I must keep "ABC.exe.config" unchanged because it will be overwritten on program upgrade without notice. All global settings must be preserved in "MySettings.config"

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No! This is not the duplicate. I do not use the upgrade method, which stores settings in User account (local). I need to save global settings which stores in the exe folder. –  linquize Sep 15 '12 at 4:55

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There is an example in the MSDN documentation , the approach is to handle the write to the file yourself, i.e. treat it as a "regular" XML file for example.

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