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I have used table for display the list of records. It have lot of rows and columns. If I print this table the table heading display in first page. After the first page the headings are not display. I found many website from Google search. I have followed that method, but I could not achieve. I could not realize the mistake. This is my css.

<style type="text/css" media="print" >
table td {
    border-bottom:1px solid gray;
th {
thead {
tbody {

This my Html code:

<table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0">
            <th>First Name</th>
            <th>Last Name</th>
            <td>First Name 1</td>
            <td>Last Name 1</td>

Anyone can help me? Thanks.

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Try adding this in your CSS :

  @media print
   thead {display: table-header-group;}
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I already included this css. But it is not working –  Shalini Subramani Sep 15 '12 at 5:43
Actually your css is working fine, Have a look at this fiddle - jsfiddle.net/6kEtv Print the window by the print button in the end, and save the print as .xps or .pdf. The headers are appearing on top of each page. –  ygssoni Sep 15 '12 at 6:27
It works on Firefox v11, but not on Chrome v24. –  Erwin Julius Mar 1 '13 at 17:55
@Erwin display: table-header-group; does not work in Chrome. See code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=24826 for bug report –  Josiah Apr 19 '13 at 0:11
Thanks @Josiah. Hope they fix this bug. I already voted. –  Erwin Julius Apr 22 '13 at 2:18

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