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I have a drupal site with CKEditor as a WYSIWYG editor and would like to use CKFidner to upload pictures but after enbaling the permissions for the administrator, I still get an error like: "The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file" - Why would that be?

Thank you!

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Uploading images through ckeditor is one way to have images in your content. By experience I suggest you to try the imagefield & the insert module. This way you can control from views the uploaded images to your nodes and have photo/teaser displays easily, create galleries in nodes with more than 2 images or whatever you want, because your images will be saved in a structured way on your node.

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function CheckAuthentication()

    return false;

By default CheckAuthentication() it is disabled for security reason, because it would allow anyone to upload files to your server.

For testing purposes you can return true but the point is that you implement some logic to only authorize autenticated user.

function CheckAuthentication()
    //put some logic here

    return isset($_SESSION['IsAuthorized']) && $_SESSION['IsAuthorized'];
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