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I enter gdb within emacs using M-x gdb. Then, when I execute b main, I get the following output:

b main                                                                             
Breakpoint 1 at 0x100000d61: file hanoi.c, line 27.                                

When I try to run the program, I get this output:

r                                                                    |21  } 14Starting program: /Users/rdp/Desktop/Hanoi-Moves_testcases/play                   
                                            (gdb)                                    |24} 16time={wallclock="0.00009",user="0.00005",system="0.00004",start="1347691082.360725\|25 ",end="1347691082.360816"}                                                       (gdb)  n

The program is not being run.                           

Why do I get a verbose output, and why can't I step through the code?

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After posting my answer (see below), I realized that gud-gdb works fairly well for me, while gdb breaks. Which one did you use? –  TaylanUB Sep 15 '12 at 17:54

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Emacs 24 seems to have broken GUD (the interface to gdb and other debuggers). There was some brawl about it on the IRC channel, and one person was actually claiming it to work for him, but I'm also getting very weird behavior. Googling also reveals the following (and some more): gud-gdb emacs 24 not working

I would try to make a minimal test-case of it failing and file a bug report.

Edit: You might want to try gud-gdb in place of gdb. I don't know what differences there are but it seems to work for me. (Didn't test comprehensively.)

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Running emacs 24.2.1 in OSX. Can confirm that gdb behaves the way the OP described, and that gud-gdb works fine. –  Chap Jul 20 '13 at 23:50
i've had to switch to gud-gdb as well as gdb is totally broken in emacs 24 - but gud-gdb doesn't have the nice red circle icons on breakpoints which is a real shame –  bph Feb 18 '14 at 10:36

For future reference, I am running 10.7 and emacs 24.3. The version of gdb that ships with xcode 4 (the latest for this platform) is too old to work with gdb mode. If you get the latest one from source and build it, using macports to obtain its dependencies, (the macports build of gdb was not working for me at the time), gdb mode works, including gdb-many-windows, which I highly recommend.

Edit: also, gud-gdb is apparently an old mode, so it may work, but you "really" want gdb mode and gdb-many-windows......

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