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I have a table in mysql:

    username, item, text

I want to normalize the data into three tables:

    user_id, username

    item_id, item_name

    text_id, text_name

How can I use the existing user_item_text table to create the three tables as described? There are around 800000 records.

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Here is the example how to handle one table "user":

create table users(
   user_id int not null auto_increment, 
   username varchar(50), 
   primary key(user_id), 
   index ind_user_username(username)
) engine = XXX;

insert into users(username) select distinct username from user_item_text

alter table user_item_text add user_id integer null

update user_item_text uit join users u on uit.username = u.username
set uit.user_id = u.user_id

alter table user_item_text drop column username

maybe you will be need to add the following steps before runing the last update:

  1. adding index on user_item_text.username field to make update run faster
  2. unique index on users.username instead of ordinary index
  3. user_item_index.user_id should have FK

Hope it helps.

ps. i didn't test query. They just showing you general approach.

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Create the tables and then use an insert combined with a select. As far as I know it is possible to use a table for insert.

For example: Users and the primary key is autoincrement

    Insert into users (username) Select username from user_item_text


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